Old Drawings Photoset #1: Revolutionary Girl Utena

I was cleaning up my desk when I found a box full of old drawings from 2002-2006, back when I did tons of manga and anime fanart. And hey - some haven’t aged that badly, so here’s a selection. It’s still mostly my style but trying to incorporate part of the look of the original show, which I found really fun to do.

These three are from Revolutionary Girl Utena - the show where the princesses want to dress up in boys clothes to rescue damsels in distress, the witches need saving from themselves, and the princes are all a bunch of good-for-nothing bastards. Really, it’s no wonder I keep wanting to do cracky Glee fanart with Blaine and Kurt as a genderbent Anthy and Utena - Kurt would rock that duelist get up.

(tagging naderegen because of reasons)